The history of Pirotecnia Internacional is no different from that of any other organization that has been willing to make the commitment to be a leader in its field. Established more than 50 years ago when Engineer Manuel Cueto Ponce decided that it was time to bring ancestral craftsmanship to the next century, at first the organization's efforts focused on improving safety conditions in the manufacture and use of pyrotechnics articles, for our founder it was necessary to equip a rudimentary endeavor with new industrial tools, Engineer Manuel Cueto is remembered in the pyrotechnics craftsmen guild for being the first to take a step forward to begin making the necessary changes to improve the pyrotechnic activity. This first step would be consolidated when his son and second generation of the company took the responsibility of directing the efforts of his team and built what has been, until today, one of the most capable facilities for manufacturing pyrotechnic articles in the country, the Eng. Carlos Cueto Alducin had the vision of creating electrical systems to increase the control and security in the pyrotechnics performances, these tools allowed our organization to be the company responsible for the most important celebrations in the country and place Mexico on the map of International companies capable of attending synchronized shows with music, thus the pyromusical shows were born in Mexico. The innovations of Engineer Cueto had repercussions in the young pyrotechnic industry of the country, as he was the first to share his knowledge with a new generation of artisans who began to follow the example of Engineer Manuel Cueto Ponce and for the first time one of the most spectacular handicrafts of Mexico was striving to be technified. The traditional Castle Towers were modernized and became pieces in movement, which gave life to drawings that were until before Carlos Cueto's work, flat and static, it was the equivalent of achieving 3D effects in a world that for years was flat. The third generation’s turn would come marked by a philosophy of professionalism and use of new technologies, from very young age, brothers Marco Antonio and Carlos Manuel Cueto Martinez were distinguished for being able to surpass their teachers and by setting an example to follow by their competitors, Marco Antonio at the age of 17 years made his first electronic firing console for the detonation of pyrotechnic artifacts and years later Carlos Manuel, at 23, was the National Champion in design of Pyromusicals shows at The National Contest of Pyrotechnic Shows, beating representatives from different parts of the country. Since then the career of the Cueto Martínez brothers, Marco Antonio and Carlos Manuel has been distinguished by the care of details and by the implementation of a philosophy of quality that far surpasses the expectations of their clients.





Our clients are always our best recommendation letter. We have had the privilege of collaborating with the most important productions in the country and when some of the most important people in the world have visited our country, but above all we have had the honor of holding Mexican’s preference for over 50 years. Some of our most recognized clients are:

  1. BBVA Bancomer Tower

    The best-designed lighting show worldwide in 2016, internationally awarded (BizBash Awards). For us, the opportunity to surprise a whole country.

    Pirotecnia Torre BBVA Pirotecnia Torre Bancomer
  2. Group of 20 Forum

    A world class show for the leaders of the 20 most powerful economies of the world.
    Inspiration and professionalism from Mexico to the world.

    Reunión del G20 Pirotecnia en Los Cabos
  3. September 15th

    We lighten up the sky of the most important cities in Mexico, on the most important day for our country. We celebrate our Independence throughout the national territory.

    Pirotecnia 15 de septiembre México 15 de septiembre
  4. Spectacular Openings

    We create spectacular moments for openings og our clients.
    Fireworks displays that leave the mark of your
    Brand in the audience memory.

    Inauguración Estrella de Puebla Pirotecnia en Puebla
  5. International Festivals

    We’ve created pyromusical displays for the most important artistic
    festivals of our country and even beyond our borders.
    Great spectacles for great audiences.

    Inauguración Estrella de Puebla Pirotecnia en Puebla
  6. BTL

    We create mosaics with Fireworks so our clients
    can convene large audiences and promote their
    products and/or services.

    Pirotecnia en Guadalajara Fuegos Artificiales en Guadalajara
  7. Government Events

    The Fireworks displays for government
    entities are a very good way for our clients to deliver a message
    for large audiences and anywhere in the country.

    Pirotecnia en México Fuegos Artificiales en México
  8. Sports Events

    Every sports celebration includes Fireworks
    in their emotive climax.
    Our Company enlightens the sky with the colors of victory.

    Pirotecnia en Monterrey Pirotecnia en Nuevo León



In Pirotecnia Internacional S. A. de C. V. we know that the state of the environment affects us all directly.

Care for the Earth must be in charge of all of us. The efficiency in the use of the materials is an important step to avoid the excessive generation of waste by all the actors involved in the economic activity. In Pirotecnia Internacional S.A. de C. V. we are aware of this and we have extended and promoted in our field the rational use of raw materials of our activity. Pyrotechnics is based on a principle of complete combustion, the oxidizing material are part of any pyrotechnic composition and the formula is balanced to obtain the greatest amount of energy while minimizing residues from partial or incomplete combustion. Simple: a greater rationalization in the use of materials, less waste. The use of materials below the quality standards produces an incomplete combustion that, in the absence of an oxidant, generates carbon monoxide excessively. Another measure that was implemented long ago to minimize the environmental impact is the use of electric detonators in all of our presentations, the once used black wick has been now replaced by an electric initiator that upon receiving a current discharge generates enough heat to start each firework, the use of this element reduced the use of black wicks in 80%. Another measure is the use of computerized choreographies, the creation of shows with electronic tools for detonation control has allowed, since its implementation, the use of the exact amount of fireworks to light the sky without it being necessary to double or triple effects to achieve the same colored sky, this practice reduces up to 50% the duplicity of products to cover a certain time. In the case of solid waste generated by the encapsulation of products, Pirotecnia Internacional has, for more than 10 years, implemented a manufacturing process that favours the use of amorphous polymers as a substitute for crystalline polymers. These new materials imply a simpler collection, in addition to avoiding the generation of dangerous micro plastics. Probably the biggest advance in minimizing the environmental impact is the use of technical grade raw materials in all our formulas. Unlike the common practice of national pyrotechnic crafts, which use agricultural grade raw materials with purity levels ranging from 65% to 80%, our organization uses raw materials with varying degrees of purity ranging from 95% and 99%, which significantly reduce the generation of waste in the exothermic reactions of each pyrotechnic device. All these practices are common for leading companies in countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Spain, UK, China, Japan, etc. And have been implemented by our company to offer shows in Mexico with the least possible environmental impact.

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