Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to hire your services?

>First step is to get in touch with our sales staff, with their help you’ll be able to choose the products and services needed for your celebration and they will help you during the purchase and conception of the event process.

Is it safe to hire pyrotechnics?

Fireworks are safe as long as they’re proffesional handled. In Pirotecnia Internacional we follow the international top norms and procedures for handling fireworks.

How much does a fireworks display costs?

The prices of our products are as diverse as the catalogue of these, from small presentations to big productions and massive events. That’s why is important to have a general idea of the budget assigned to this service so our sales staff can guide you during the purchase process.

Special permits are required for fireworks displays?

Mexican Federal Law of Fire Arms and Explosives stablishes a weight limit for sell of pyrotechnic products and its use without special permits. For other kind of effects it is necessary to get a permit with the correspondant authorities; if that is the case, Pirotecnia Internacional will take care of those tramits. Please ask our sales staff for addiional info.

How much anticipation time is required to hire your services?

The hiring of fireworks can be made even with only a couple of days of anticipation, however the variety of required effects for your event may not be guaranteed with such a short period of time. Any good fireworks display requires at least a couple of weeks to produce. Simple: the more time of anticipation results in greater range of solutions we can provide for your event.

Is it possible to have fireworks indoors?

Yes, we have developed products specially made for indoors use, with minimal smoke and heat emission. Is even possible to launch a full fireworks display in closed spaces.

What is cold PYROTECHNICS?

This is an ambiguous term, since cold does not mean an absolute term, but a very low heat emission by these products. There are not cold fireworks as there is not cold fire, though, there are very low heat emission products such as gerbs.

How long does a fireworks display can last?

A fireworks display can be tailored created for the client. It can last for just a fragment of a track or with the mix of several musical tracks under one general concept. The longest pyromusical display presented in Mexico lasted 45 minutes, it was a huge demonstration of our products in the harbor of the Veracruz harbor.

Does PIROTECNIA INTERNACIONAL have other services to offer?

Besides fireworks for celebrations, PIROTECNIA INTERNACIONAL have a bureau of Special Projects. Our spectacles sub-section has developed special effects for theatrical companies; industrial sub-section has developed products for the mining, farming and aviation industry. Let us know about your inquiries so we can bring you a solution for your specific needs.

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