100 years of pride and tradition

100 years of pride and tradition

Pirotecnia Internacional
100 years of pride and tradition


Pirotecnia Internacional
100 years of pride and tradition

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“We leave the soul on the field” is the motto that followers of the Deportivo Club Toluca adopted for the last 100 years, to join and celebrate the team effort of the players, los Diablos Rojos del Toluca.


The recently renovated stadium “Nemesio Diez” that’ve hosted the Diablos for years, reopened its gates so all the fans get into the actual hell, this time hosting the 100 players that made history in the club, and offering an unprecedented show celebrating the 100 years of the club.


A spectacular central stage with the Club logo and surrounded by 4 mega screens on the playing field, as a prelude of what was about to come. On a festive environment the 100 legends of the club walk the red carpet with joy and expectation, in a night that promised -and fulfill- large and vary emotions.


The fans immediately see their selves impregnated by the celebrating ambient on the centenary party at stadium.


From each of the 4 macro supports of the stadium structure – each with a high definition system screens – started the countdown to the opening. It was going to be 90 minutes filled with joy, memories and big surprises. On the 8 screens we saw the feats of the club during their first 100 years; most iconic goals were celebrated by the people as if they were happened that same night, names as Alfredo Talavera, Héctor Mancilla or Antonio Naelson Sinha, were cheered and applauded, but the biggest cheer and acclaim went to José Saturnino Cardozo “el diablo mayor”.


“Siempre Diablos” (always devils), the new hymn of the club, was heard in the stadium and came with a few words of Valentin Diez Morodo, who visibly touched by the moment, added…


“We want a cup, an another cup, and another…"


Ceremony was almost over and the big closure came with a large fireworks display by Pirotecnia Internacional, whose design was inspired on Botticelli’s Inferno.


An impressive sequence created the atmosphere of the gates of hell, that synced with the Royal Flame System” machines, with 10mt height red flames, convinced all the audience to realize they were in fact going through the hell itself.


100 years of pride and tradition, was the line that unleashed a monumental light cascade, afterwards a quick sequence of low impact fireworks on the playing field preceded one of the most spectacular moments of the night, when a huge red heart emerged form the yard at the rhythm of the music.


Pirotecnia Internacional celebrates with the Club Deportivo Touca, pride and tradition.


100 years and more to come.


We are diablos from the heart.


Let the ball roll on our luck.




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