Le Mondial SAQ 2003

Le Mondial SAQ 2003

Pirotecnia Internacional | the art of lightning the sky

Once again Montreal, in Canada, dressed up to receive on its 19th edition, the “Jupiter D’Or”, the international prize for the 9 fireworks companies that compete for it. 



The pyromusical fair, took place from June 21 to July 30. During that time 9 companies presented their fireworks displays, each one with a different theme but all with the same goal, to become the world champion of the famous “Mondial SAQ”


It all started when the French company ARC EN CIEL, les Architectes du feu, started with their first cues at exactly 22:00 hrs. This started the quest for the “Jupiter d’ Or”. 


The dates of displays were:



- Saturday, June 28th. Hong Kong, China. Pyromagic Productions Ltd.
- Saturday, Juuly 5th. Italy. Parente Fireworks.
- Wednesday, July  9t. Argentina. Cienfuegos.
- Saturday, July 12th. Portugal. Pirotecnia Minhota, LDA.
- Wednesday July 16th. Australia. Explosive Entertainment Int.
- Saturday July 19th. USA,  Atlas PyroVision Prod.
- Wednesday, July 23th. Canadá Royal Pyrotechnie.
- Saturday, July 26th. England,  Kimbolton Fireworks Ltd.


In this edition of the contest there were big companies, making of this edition a really hard fought, perhaps the most in the past 7 years. 


All the contenders  enjoyed the good weather, except for England who fire its display under the rain, that was not an obstacle to impact us with its pyromusical display. It just had to be postponed for about 30 minutes given the weather conditions. 

Jury’s decision was not easy, because all the contenders deliver complex and sophisticated fireworks displays, with innovation in their designs, not seen much in the past years. 

The first 3 places were like this, 



After the awards ceremomy, the Italian company PANZERA S. A. S. give an exhibition fireworks display, demonstrating its weight as a serious world competitor. This was the closure of the 19th edition of the MONDIAL SAQ.




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