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The summer is here and for this season Pirotecnia Internacional brings a new product for all the people who has something to celebrate. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, a bottle of wine at dawn, friends gatherings or maybe a regular happy evening are motive enough to make this occasion super special with the new pyrotechnic candles from the brand in charge of enlightening the sky, the new Vela Royale. 


These candles are designed to ignite near the host or invitees of the party. They spark and come to the attention of guests. Made with the best materials on the market, creates a bright combustion of the elements and produce nearly no smoke, with very low heat generated. A great option for those unique moments in your life.


They ignite with a regular lighter or matches, they’re very easy to operate.


Your party, small or big, will be spectacular with the sparks show of Vela Royale. 


You can get this product just by clicking to our online store. 




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