Celebrating 25 years of WTC on City of México

Celebrating 25 years of WTC on City of México

Pirotecnia Internacional
Celebrating 25 years of WTC on City of México


Pirotecnia Internacional
Celebrating 25 years of WTC on City of México

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Turned into a mega screen, the WTC CDMX celebrated in a big way with an impressive pyrotechnic show.


When you receive a show project, it is up to you to "get acquainted" with the venue in question; The latter led us to a summary of a testimony by Ing. Manuel Suárez y Suárez, owner of the property, who when questioned about his desire to build a building of such magnitude, once responded:


“I have to change the mentality of the people of Mexico, who always looks down. "I want him to look up, because there are the great things, the great works, the great companies, the greatness of Mexico."


This last sentence forced us to make a memorable show in the framework of the 25th anniversary of the WTC Mexico City.


The appointment was on March 28, 2019, where personalities such as Miguel Torruco Marqués tourism secretary gave a small semblance of what the WTC Mexico City has meant in these first 25 years.


With a video mapping on the main facade of the complex and on an area of ??4 thousand square meters that for one night is changed on the largest screen in Latin America, images of our Mexico appeared and how the World Trade Center has influenced the daily life of our city and our country.


At the edge of 9 pm a pyromusical show began that was transmitted in closed circuit to all attendees inside the skyscraper to enjoy what happened just over 207 meters above them.


At the end Jorge Benavides, general director of the complex, shared the following words satisfied with the media:


"This show seeks to follow the WTC as one of the most important skyscrapers in the world, in addition to continuing to promote tourism nationally and internationally."


For International Pyrotechnics it has been an honor to contribute with one of the most beautiful postcards that, without a doubt, the WTC will be able to boast in the coming years.




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