We are Mexico

We are Mexico

Pirotecnia Internacional
We are Mexico


The current sanitary situation in Mexico and the world have put us on a trial period, in which we will have to redefine our actions and priorities. Previous months taught us how to live together in new ways and also to find ourselves on the hope referents of our lives: our family and loved ones.


One of the many tasks we have ahead is recovering of the public spaces, long and wide our national territory, as long as the beautiful sky of our Mexico.


Human transit limitation has left an open field for the positive messages of hope and encouragement on these difficult moments.


Symbolic places of our cities had kept their authority over the urban landscape and any announcement coming from them will reverberate on the local citizens as long as in the rest of the country. We also know that Independence celebrations during September, and others on the following months, will have to develop on an atypical way.


This time is not a celebration but a remembrance, and the time is now.


Mexico is not just the center, north or south of our country… You are Mexico, and Mexico is where you are standing right now.


The art of lightning the sky will be present as a sign of hope for our people, a message of strength and joy for the inhabitants of each one of the cities on our country, and for the rest of the world.


An missive that says Mexico stands on its feet.


We are Mexico!





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the art of lightning the sky

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